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Who We Are

We are a team of professionals in various business related aspects, such as Business, strategy, finance, governance, and legal who aims at creating economic value through business development and transformation.

We identify businesses whether new or existing that requires significant efforts to keep up with changes in business environment and/or set themselves for higher growth prospect. work hand in hand with business owners to achieve that.
We are not consultants only, we seek full alignment of interest through equity investment.
We collaborate with strategic and financial investors to bring value creating business ideas that satisfy their investment objectives.
We also provide high net worth individuals, private equity groups, and family offices to provide high potential investment opportunities and solutions that are relevant to market needs and in line with vision 2030.

What We Do


We work with our partners to create value by turning around businesses and prepare them for growth.


We work in different capacities depending on the business case at hand.

Business Acquire

Work with partnering investors to acquire a presentative stake in existing businesses with the aim of growing the business and enhance its value. We do that through working with business owners in developing business strategies, business models, and efficient and effective business policies and practices and enhancing governance and control. That includes Legal, HR, strategy. And Business advising, industry specific-advising.

Business Management

Provide business management services such as, Operational excellence turn around, business strategy development, Board advisory and representation.

Business Growth

Work with partnering investors to create new businesses with clear growth path. We establish the business from all aspects and we work closely with the management and owners until the business matures for further growth.




Founder of V Consortium with 20 years of experience in various leadership roles. Supervises the Investments of KFUPM Endowment. Sits on boards and Risk, Audit, and Investment board committees of several listed and unlisted companies. Provides consultancy and training to several private, non-profit, and governmental organizations on financial and strategic issues. Was the Dean of KFUPM Business School where he engaged in executive and non-executive education. Holds a Ph.D. degree in Finance from Oklahoma State University and a Master's degree in Finance from University of Colorado at Denver. a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) ®. Was the Chairman of the advisory board of AACSB international for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Abdulbasit Alsufyani

Partner and Head of Business Development

Co-founder and Head of Business Development of V Consortium with 25 years of experience in operational management & SCM In different business sectors. Has a 15 years of Business Advisory Experience with more focus on Operational Turnaround & Excellence, Re-structuring with Implementation, and Performance Development using HPWS technologies. Led as a consultant around 60 projects which includes SME’s and large size companies, majority are family businesses. Participate as an independent member and board committee member of several family companies. Expert in developing the Business Model CANVAS “BMC”, Strategic & Operational Planning using the Balanced Scorecard “BSC”, setting and implementing Performance Management “PM” solutions. Provides management training; BMC, BSC, SCM for Executives, PM, Applied Executive Management “AEM”, and Finance 4 non-Finance. Holds a Bachelor degree with honor from KFUPM.

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